Decentralized Governance(Metaverse-DAO)

METADAO2.0 holders will be the owners and managers of the entire Metaverse-DAO ecosystem. The DAO will calculate the ownership of the entire DAO according to the amount of token owned by the participants, and then distribute the decision-making power proportionally. Token ownership is the voting power in the DAO.

The founding team will be the core and earliest participants of the DAO, and the composition of the DAO membership will gradually expand to seed investors, all METADAO2.0 holders, blockchain gamers, and other DAPP users etc. There will be more and more holders over time, and METADAO2.0 holders will eventually become the governance of the protocol along with the founding team.

Governance proposals and voting includes but not be limited to the following subjects:

Ⅰ Development of games and projects

Ⅱ Version updates of games and projects

Ⅲ Development of technologies

Ⅳ Events and other financial incentive programs

Ⅴ Governance structure

Any holder can send proposals through the Metaverse-DAO website for voting by the ecosystem. Decisions will be made based on a majority vote of the holders and will be implemented through a distributed system. More information will be announced on the official website in the future.

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