📒Metaverse-DAO's Plan

The goal of Metaverse-DAO is to maximize the value of NFT assets and blockchain-based games in virtual world. The protocols are automated through smart contract instructions and achieve consensus through DAO based governance proposals and distributed network voting by token holders.

Metaverse-DAO's actions include:

● Building a global community where all supporters and gamers who share the same philosophy.

● Release the ECO-token: Metaverse-DAO (METADAO2.0).

● Release the first blockchain-based casual/competitive online game, including game app, game NFT (game characters, game props, and private exclusive land, property building, constration, furniture, transportation, pet, and souvenir), and marketplace (which can trade NFT of the game).

● Allow the community to participate in the governance of DAO through proposals and voting, which will effect the development strategy of other subsequent Metaverse-DAO projects, as well as the update schedule and content of released projects.

● Release more games, our goal is to release at least 2 games every year.

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