🌎Metaverse-DAO Usage and Business Model

With the development of blockchain technology, people are shifting the focus of their lives to virtual world and the whole digital economy is developing to a new height. The business model of Metaverse-DAO (METADAO2.0) is to realize the value to the real world from the metaverse economy through content and socialization of games.

Use cases of the token Metaverse-DAO (METADAO2.0).

● METADAO2.0 as the ecosystem token, all NFT assets of all games in the ecosystem (including the first game to be released soon) traded on marketplace will be settled by METADAO2.0. METADAO2.0 is required to purchase NFT and METADAO2.0 will be received after NFT is sold.

● Fees of trading NFT on Marketplace are settled by METADAO2.0.

● The rewards of competitive competitions held by the game are settled by METADAO2.0.

● All subsequent transactions or services of DAPP or NFT in the ecosystem are settled by METADAO2.0.

● By Holding METADAO2.0, 100% of the tax paid by any seller will be distributed in USDT.

● By Holding METADAO2.0, the payer is allowed to participate in the governance of ecosystem and given access to voting rights.

● Subscription, sponsorship fees are settled by METADAO2.0.

● Production and sale of other virtual goods or services are settled in METADAO2.0.

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